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Live-in Care



Sometimes, our loved ones may come to suffer from some type of a disease or disorder that may require constant medical intervention. They may require hospitalization and it may be difficult for the doctors to say how long it would take for the patient to recover. Furthermore, a loved one, who may be someone’s child, husband, wife, parents and siblings may get immobilized due to severe health condition, and may not even be able to handle their personal care on their own. This unfortunate condition will put pressure on both, the family members as well as the patient, completely helpless and often without hope to the outcome.


While the family members may not be willing to send their dear one away to medical facilities, the patients may not be willing to lose whatever little freedom they have left to themselves. If made to live in the normal household where family members will have some errand to run, the patient may feel neglected or overlooked at times. Good quality of care is necessary for family member to recover and rehabilitate and this is where the concept of live-in care comes in.





Under live-in care, patients stay at their homes along with their care provider. Patient gets to enjoy staying in his/her own home and freedom that his home offers. KAHIN Corporation provides quality live-in care services, as the family members can also relax knowing that their loved one is in good hands.


Depending on your needs and requirements KAHIN Corporation can setup a long term or a short term Live-In Care. Since our philosophy is to provide our patience with the freedom that they choose, this service is designed primarily with respect to the wishes of our clients.



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