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Personal Care





Personal care is an indispensable part of our lives. It is hard to imagine a life where a person can not eat, sleep, bathe, wash or clean him/her self independently. Under normal circumstances, these activities grow so much into our daily lifestyle that sometimes we happen to take them for granted. However, there are certain situations where a person becomes immobile that he/she becomes completely unable to provide personal care to himself. They end up needing help from other people to ensure that their personal care routine is followed deligently.







At KAHIN Corporation, we understand the physical and mental condition that the patients suffer when they call for personal care professionals. Our trained and certified professionals possess the skills and knowledge about how to handle patients depending upon their age, medical conditions, psychological stability and mobility. It is necessary to remember that feeding, cleaning, washing and administering medication to someone who happens to be immobile or disabled is not an easy task.


Personal care happens to be a very sensitive matter and needs to be handled not only with expertise but also by gaining the trust of the patient. This is the driving force behind our personal care professional from which many have already benefited.

KAHIN Corporation provides skilled, courteous and professional personal care attendants to take our patience through tough times that may involve an injury, old age, or an illness.



Our Personal Care services includes:



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